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49's Presenters — The Latest 2024 Update

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Last Updated: 31st May 2024

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Since our last 49’s Update there have been several changes and new features added to the 49’s official game website. One of our favourites is the ‘Off Air’ section on their website - this is where the 49's Presenters share a bit more information about themselves and the 49’s numbers game.

Here at Bet49s.com we love the 49’s Presenters so relish the chance to get to know them a bit more. Let’s take a look at some of the recent content they’ve been sharing:

Q&A With Helen

You may have noticed that Helen has been missing from presenting 49’s for much of the previous year - that’s because she was off on maternity leave. Since welcoming her second child into the world, she’s taken time off for maternity and is now back to presenting 49’s. In the Q&A With Helen section, she keeps us up to date with life since returning, some highlights include:

  • Helen Missed Everyone - Lucky for Helen she loves working at the 49’s and really missed it while being off on maternity. We’ve always loved Helen’s warmth and enthusiasm while presenting 49’s so we’re happy to hear she enjoys it too.
  • She’s Not Getting Much Sleep - I think most new parents can relate to this one.
  • She Hasn’t Solved a Numble Yet - This could be linked to the previous point. Hopefully, she’ll figure one out when she’s well-rested.
  • Her Lucky Number Is Still 7 - Perhaps it could have changed to ‘2’ given that she now has two boys?

See the full article here.

Ball Of The Week

Each week the 49’s Presenters pick their ‘Ball Of The Week’, the previous week’s number was 49 (a favourite of ours here at Bet49s.com). Let’s take a closer look at the number 49:

  • The number 49 ball has been drawn a total of 720 times since July 1st 2016. 616 times it has been drawn as a 6 number draw & 104 times as a booster ball (As of April 29th 2024)
  • That makes it the 8th coldest ball during that time period.

It turns out the number 49 is a cold ball - which might explain why the team at Bet49s.com hasn’t had many winners recently. For the latest Hot & Cold balls see our Hot & Cold section. Remember any number has an equal chance of being drawn as any other numbers - hot and cold don’t have any impact on future draws.

Crack The Code

As a new just-for-fun game, players can guess the mystery word from the provided 49’s balls. Since each number matches a specific letter, the player’s task is to figure out what the word is. Hints are provided by the presenters.

For example, here’s the latest Crack The Code:

CLUE: If 25 = M and 49 = Y, what is the word below?

We’ve been trying to Crack The Code here at Bet49s.com for about an hour without any luck! If you figure it out, let us know in the comments. You can also check the official 49’s post for the answer.

49 Seconds

Another new feature from the 49’s Presenters is 49 Seconds - essentially a quickfire round of questions where anything and everything is asked. The first presenter to step up to the mark was Tony who managed to answer a whopping 17 questions in 49 seconds.

Here at Bet49s.com we’re most interested in Tony’s take on the betting questions, so let’s take a look at Tony’s answers and what we would have answered.

Question Tony's Answer Our Answer
Bet in shop or online? Shop Always online - it’s so much easier.
Lunchtime or teatime? Teatime Both!
Hot or Cold? Hot Hot
Each way or win only? Win only Each way
Lucky 15 or Yankee? Lucky 15 Lucky 15 - more chances to win.
Coral or Ladbrokes? Coral Coral online (for the cashback on 49’s bets) and Ladbrokes in shops (for more shops)

Do you agree with our answers or do you prefer Tony’s? Let us know in the comments.

South African Feedback

South African users love the 49’s! The 49’s was founded in the UK and primarily operated in the UK for many years, however, these days it’s possible there are more users in South Africa than the UK (we don’t know exact user figures, we base this on search traffic).

In fact, in South Africa there’s a wider range of bookmakers that offer 49’s and more free bets available. Take a look at our sister site www.bet49s.co.za to see for yourselves.

As such, the 49’s presenters are increasingly creating content for the South African users. In this latest post the 49’s want to know which bookmaker South African users are betting with:

There we have it, plenty of new and interesting features available for 49’s users. Let us know in the comments which is your favourite.

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