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49's Launches 'Numble' Game

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Last Updated: 8th March 2023

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It seems there is never a dull moment at 49’s and the lotto betting world...

It pays to stay up to date with the latest 49’s developments, otherwise you might not hear about some great fun - in addition to the normal great 49’s betting opportunity.

At the moment there is a fun game to try, each with its own benefits and enjoyable elements. This short summary will help you decide if it’s worth a try

Game Name: Numble

If you’ve ever wondered if you can beat the Countdown contestants you might see on the classic UK TV show format, now’s your chance to test your skills.

Numble is a fun spin on the famous Countdown game and your chance to have some practical fun after placing your 49’s bet for the week. Take previous hot and cold numbers and do calculations to reach a certain number, as provided by 49’s.

Could you be faster getting to the answer than can favourite Rachel Riley? Can you impress UK numbers legend Carol Vorderman with your smart calculations?

49's presenter Tony explains Numble

How Does it Work?

All you need to do is follow 49’s Twitter feed where they will show a target number, as well as 6 different numbers you need to use. The set will usually consist of hot numbers (recently drawn a lot) of the previous draw, along with some random numbers. Usually, the set will be posted by one of the 49's presenters via a video.

Now it’s up to you whether you want to multiply, add, subtract, or divide. You don’t have to use all the numbers, but you can only use each number once.

Got to the target? Then let 49’s know by leaving a ‘thumbs up’ as a comment.

It’s a purely for fun game - you can’t bet on the outcome of Numble.

Keep an eye out later in the day, because they’ll share the solution. If you just couldn’t get it, try again next week.

49s Numble results

49's presenter Harriet shows the Numble solution

Numble Summary

Standout Features: Fun math game using hot numbers; Weekly game

Why Try it? Practice solving fun math riddles; Compete with friends and see who gets to the answer first

Whether you’re in the mood for a normal 49’s bet game or an activity to keep those brain cells going, the new option on 49’s offers a different way of having fun.

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