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How Do You Pick Yours? See How Others Pick Their 49's Lottery Numbers

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Last Updated: 18th June 2018

After working in the gambling industry for over a decade, Oliver spotted an opportunity to setup a resource for lottery bettors. was founded in 2014, with following shortly after. The aim is to find the best odds, offers and information for lottery bettors in South Africa.

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Everybody has a different technique when it comes to picking lottery numbers, so we thought it would be interesting to find out how you pick your 49's numbers.

So, we recently asked some of our subscribers to tell us how they like to pick their numbers. Interestingly, the answers tend to fall into four main categories: birthday, feeling, consistency and random. Below, we've put together some of the most interesting answers...

"I Use My Family's Birthdays" – Lerato, Johannesburg

"I've got a big family with four children of my own and over seven grandchildren so far. I try to use a number relating to each of them – although some of them have to share a number as I'm running out of space for them all!

"For example, my husband was born in ‘46, so that's his number, while my youngest grandchild is 2, so that's her number – I've got to be careful not to give the rest of the numbers away on here though, I don't want to share my prize!"

"I Go by Gut Feeling" – Thabo, Durban

"I typically bet on 49's about three times a week using Betway, but I don't always use the same numbers each time. There's a few numbers that get used more often than the rest, but I tweak them a bit every time – based on what's jumping out at me.

"Last year I had a few wins – so maybe my strategy or lack of it isn't too bad! Hopefully an even bigger prize will arrive this year."

"I've Played the Same Numbers for More than 10 Years!" – Nkosinathi, Pretoria

"Since I first started playing the SA Powerball when it launched in 1994, I've been using the same numbers every time I play or bet on a lottery. I can't stand the idea of not using those numbers and then seeing them come up – I wouldn't be able to cope!

"Obviously I know the chances of getting 5 number in the 49's are low, but people do win it, don't they? Maybe one day that'll be me..."

"I Use My Favourite Numbers" – Zanele, Port Elizabeth

"I've got five lucky numbers – which I'm not going to tell you right now! But these numbers seemed to have followed me around during my life and they're definitely my best bet.

"The main five always stay the same whichever lottery I'm doing, but the other numbers can change a little depending on how I'm feeling."

"I'm a Lucky Dipper" – Sipho, Bloemfontein

"I used to pick my own numbers, but then I read that it's actually better to use the lucky dip as you're less likely to have to share a prize – and, if I win the big one, there's no way I'd be sharing that with anyone – especially a stranger!"

"So yeah, lucky dip is always my pick – it seems the smartest way to go and then I don't have to worry about missing a week and my numbers coming up... imagine that?"

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