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Last Updated: 8th Feb 2022

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Any day in South Africa means it’s a lottery day! Yes, South Africa has the privilege of multiple local lotteries to choose from.

But is it the best option for those who enjoy playing and hoping to win big?

Not necessarily.

Many locals rather pick overseas lotteries and place a bet using South African bookmakers such as Betway and Hollywood Bets. The reason for this is twofold - firstly, this gives the user many more lotteries to choose from (Betway currently offer 35,000 weekly draws!) and, secondly, flexibility with how the user bets (stake, number of balls).

Betting on 1 to 5 balls is common, with the most common selection being 3 balls. This means, when placing a bet the user must select, then match 3 balls to win. The reason for this approach is often the odds of winning combined with great potential returns. For example, with some, such as the UK 49’s, the returns can be around 400/1 for picking and matching 3 balls.

Compared to the South African National Lottery 400/1 may seem like a small return - however, the chances of a winning bet are much better. The odds of hitting the jackpot in the South African National Lottery are a whopping 20,358,520 to 1!

And thanks to efficient payout methods, it’s still easy to withdraw should have a win.

So, which lotteries should you try out this year and which platforms can you trust?

3 Best Lotteries South Africans Need to Try


What is UK49s?

UK 49’s is a fixed odds lottery game, established in 1996. The number in the name refers to the 49 balls you can select from, numbered 1 – 49. This lottery gives you two chances to win, every day of the week:

  • The lunchtime draw at 12:49GMT
  • The teatime draw at 17:49GMT

General Information

You can decide whether you want to play the 6- or 7-number draw. The latter will include a bonus ball, giving you more chance of winning. However, if you select the 7-number option (with bonus), the odds/payout are less - if you bet on 3 numbers including bonus ball (7-number option) with Betway the odds are 401/1*, if you bet excluding bonus ball (6-ball option) the odds are 751/1*. To compare all South African bookmakers, see our odds comparison table.

* The displayed odds are intended as a guide only and whilst we work hard to ensure they're up to date, they are subject to change from the operators. Odds correct as of 08/02/2022 Please always check odds on the betting operator site before placing any bets.

You can bet on 1 - 5 balls. Typically, 49’s bettors like 3 balls as the probability of winning combined with the excellent returns makes it attractive.

Why Should You Play UK49s?

You have a lot of control and flexibility. You can pick a higher bet amount on your betslip, giving you the possibility of higher returns.

A huge drawcard is the fact that the draws happen twice daily, so you don’t have to wait long for the outcome of a draw.

Just note that each bookmaker can have unique odds for UK 49’s, so make sure you compare the odds and pick the best bookmaker suited to your needs.

Russian Gosloto

What is Gosloto?

Here’s another lottery that gives you a chance of taking part more than once a day. Gosloto is based in Russia and the traditional Gosloto 6/45 draws take place at 11:00MSK (10:00 in South Africa) and 23:00MSK (22:00 in South Africa).

General Information

Navigate to a bookmaker’s platform and you’ll see multiple versions of this lottery:

  • Gosloto 4/20
  • Gosloto 5/36
  • Gosloto 6/45
  • Gosloto 7/49

Some of them have multiple draws a day. The number ranges also differ and your potential returns will depend on how much you’re willing to bet, and how many of your numbers are correct.

Why Should You Play Gosloto?

With so many options to bet on and take part in, this is one of the most exciting international lotteries to try out. You also have control over spending, by adjusting your bet amount.

US Mega Millions

What is US Mega Millions?

This lottery dates back to 1996 when it was known as The Big Game and originally only 6 US states took part. The lottery grew over the years, giving players more numbers to choose from when playing and even adding an additional weekly draw.

In 2002 the lottery was renamed ‘Mega Millions. By adding member states and thanks to cross-selling agreement with Powerball, it’s now played in 47 US jurisdictions. In 2018 it gave its biggest jackpot ever: $1,537 Billion. That’s over R20 Billion!

General Information

In the current format of Mega Millions, to win the jackpot, you need to pick the right numbers for two categories:

  • 5 numbers from the number range 1 – 70
  • A Mega Ball number between 1 and 25

Once the jackpot is won, a starting jackpot is calculated based on sales. Drawings take place on Tuesdays and Fridays and the jackpot increases after every draw that has no jackpot winner. Your odds of guessing that jackpot combination is 1 in 302,575,350.

Why Should You Play US Mega Millions?

Even if you don’t win the jackpot, playing Mega Millions can still be rewarding. Players can win smaller prizes if your number range contains at least the correct Mega Ball or some other correct numbers, such as:

  • Mega Ball
  • MB + 1 general
  • Any 3 correct numbers
  • MB + 3 numbers
  • 4 general numbers
  • MB + 4 numbers
  • 5 general numbers

Mega Millions is an established lottery and very transparent about the methods they use to keep the game fair and the selections random. This gives all players equal chances of winning big.

Where to Play Top International Lotteries

Playing lotteries from around the globe is made possible by reputable bookmakers. You’re not purchasing a ticket for the lottery, but you’re betting on the outcome of the draw.

Popular bookmakers in South Africa that list these lotteries as part of their lucky numbers game options include:

The most important message is to only ever spend what you can comfortably afford. It’s important to Take Time to Think and ensure that you are enjoying playing or betting on the lottery.

Have you discovered any other lotteries our readers will find interesting? Please share your tips with the rest of the community by letting us know.

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