UK 49's FAQs

How does the 49's draw work?

Six numbers and an additional bonus ball (The Booster) are drawn from a pot of balls numbered from 1-49.

When is the 49's Lotto drawn?

The 49’s Lotto is drawn twice a day at lunchtime 12.49 (UK Time) and teatime 17:49 (UK Time).

What time is the UK 49's Lotto drawn in South Africa?

The 49's roll out twice a day - the lunchtime draw is at 13:49 South African time in summer and 14:49 in winter. The teatime draw is at 18:49 South African time (except for a period in February and March when it is at 19:49)

Can I Bet From South Africa?

Yes. There are currently seventeen different bookmakers that offer betting on the 49's from South Africa.

Is It Legal To Bet On The UK49's From South Africa?

Yes. All bookmakers featured on are licensed by the South African government therefore have to comply with strict gambling laws.

What time must I have my bets placed by?

Although it varies with companies, typically you'll need to place your bets at least 15 minutes before the draw.

How many balls do I have to bet on in 49's Lotto?

The choice is yours. You can bet on between 1 and 5 balls being drawn from the main 6 balls (or 7 if you want to include the booster ball and get slightly less winnings but make it easier). This flexibility is one of the reason betting on the lotteries is so popular

If I bet on a number being drawn in the 49's and it is drawn as the booster ball - do I win?

You can choose whether you want the booster ball to be included or not. In our odds comparison table - choose With or Without the Bonus Ball to see the different 49's Lotto odds. The odds/Payout is lower when you choose With the Bonus Ball as it is easier!

Is it safe and secure to register, deposit and bet on the 49's Lotto?

It is extremely safe as all our featured companies are large, reputable companies with secure data and payment technologies. They are also all regulated in South Africa as well as international jurisdictions.

How old do I have to be to bet on the 49s Lotto?

All of the bookmakers features require and verify that you are over 18 as this is the law in South Africa.

What is the maximum bet payout on the 49's Lotto?

This varies with different companies. Always check with your chosen operator.

Who are the presenters of the 49’s Lotto and what are their lucky numbers?

Emma: Ball 14, Gina: Ball 17, Kirstie: Ball 22, Sophie: Ball 9, Tony: Ball 3. See our presenters page for more information.

Are the odds shown on live?

The displayed odds are intended as a guide only and whilst we work hard to ensure they're up to date, they are subject to change from the operators.

What payment methods are accepted for betting on the 49s Lotto?

This varies between companies but most accept: Debit/Credit Cards, Neteller, PayPal, Moneybookers, Ukash, Bank Transfer. Certain bookmakers, such as Hollywood Bets allow you to deposit cash at local branches.

Do I have to pay taxes on my winnings from betting on the 49s Lotto?

Since 2012 there has been a tax introduced in South Africa to all gambling winnings over R25,000. This tax is set at 15%. Please check the government website for the latest information

What is the 49's Prize Structure?

The prize structure varies depending on which bookmaker you choose to bet with. See our simple 49's odds comparison table

Are There Any Offers Available?

Yes, most bookmakers have offers for betting on UK 49's. See our Free Bets page. Below are some top-rated offers:

Hollywood Bets 49s Top Rated







Upcoming Draws:


49s Lunchtime

Next Draw: 13:49 SAST

Balls Drawn/Total Balls 49/7
Number Of Weekly Draws: 14
Best Odds for 3 Balls: 751/1

Nifty Fifty

Next Draw: 15:30 SAST

Balls Drawn/Total Balls 7/50
Number Of Weekly Draws: 35
Best Odds for 3 Balls: 460/1

49s Teatime

Next Draw: 18:49 SAST

Balls Drawn/Total Balls 49/7
Number Of Weekly Draws: 14
Best Odds for 3 Balls: 751/1

SA Daily

Next Draw: 21:00 SAST

Balls Drawn/Total Balls 5/36
Number Of Weekly Draws: 7
Best Odds for 3 Balls: 551/1