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Last Updated: 21st April 2022

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Note: *The following article is purely for fun. It is based on individual opinions and does not constitute advice. The drawing of lottery numbers is entirely random. Please always gamble responsibly. #Ad. Find out more on our How Our Site Works page.

Looking for a platform to bet on international draws? might just get added to your favourites list. And with an ENHANCED OFFER you could be eligible for, there’s no better time than today to check out this online bookmaker — or as they call themselves, a sports company.

Who and What is

As a company, is passionate about sport, so you can be sure the list of sports you’ll be able to bet on using this platform is quite vast. Then there’s also Bet Vegas where you can get your fill of casino games and a Bet Games portal.

Because the platform was designed by punters, you can be sure it has user friendly features. In terms of sports betting and entertainment, it has been a market leading brand ever since its establishment over a decade ago.

This brand was started in 2010, motivated by the great South African sporting spirit that was in the air during the Soccer World Cup. To this day, helps people still experience the thrill that accompanies sports games and championships. And they’re helping people enjoy their favourite pastime by facilitating sports betting and many other games.

Lucky Numbers Offering—All You Need to Know

A firm favourite on the platform is the Lucky Numbers section. This is where you can bet on draws, not only for local games, but international draws.

On the Lucky Numbers page, you’ll clearly see what your options are and how much time is available until the draw. UK 49s is just one of the many options you’ll find here.

Users appreciate the clean layout, making it easy to find the country whose draw you’re interested in, or a specific international game. There’s even a user-friendly search box and filter if you’re not in the mood to scroll.

Welcome Offer on

One of the best features of is how generous they are when it comes to a welcome offer. After joining up eligible customers can get a 100% first deposit match. And this will be valid for a deposit of as much as R1,000. (Please only ever bet what you can afford).

Note that there is a minimum betting amount and you can find all other terms and conditions on the page.

Enhanced Welcome Offer — Don’t Miss Out!

For all our loyal 49’s supporters, we decided you deserve something special. We collaborated with and now you can get an upgrade on their standard welcome offer.

Here’s what you can look forward to if you join up:

  • 100% First Deposit Match
  • You’ll get 100% of what you put in as your first deposit, as additional credit to play
  • Instead of only R1,000, our 49s ENHANCED OFFER is valid for deposits up to R2,000. Sign up here

Yes! You can get an additional R2,000 to play with on, and all you have to do is sign up. Sign up here

How do You Get Access to This Advanced Offer?

We made it easy to help you enjoy this special offer. Simply use the following code when you register and claim your welcome bonus: BET49100 Features Explained

To make the most of your Lucky Numbers bets, information is key. And that’s exactly what is for. Try out our user-friendly platform features that provide all you need:

  • Available bookmaker offers: We stay on top of industry news so you can use our platform to learn of the latest bookmaker offers. Scan them on a regular basis so you can make use of new special deals and win more.
  • Checking results: One platform tells you about all the results from around the globe. Check your results so you know when you can claim winnings.
  • Compare odds: Play smart by playing with the best possible odds. Our online tools empower you to compare odds from different bookmakers so you know where to play for the best possible outcome.=
  • Calculate your winnings: Know how much you stand to win with our easy-to-use winnings calculator. Knowing how much you’ve won also helps you plan future bets and be a responsible player by sticking to your budget.
  • Read reviews: Get to know different bookmakers and discover your favourites, by using our in-depth bookmaker reviews.
  • Plan your next bet: We help you make smart betting decisions with tools like our Number Predictor and Hot & Cold Balls. Or why not simply take a chance? Use our Random Number Generator if you can’t quite make up your mind about which numbers to bet this time.

If you fancy a lotto bet with a new account - with our awesome enhanced offer, the time could be perfect.

A quick shoutout to — thank you for this special offer!

Remember the code: BET49100. Sign up here

Have fun and please gamble responsibly and only ever spend what you can afford.

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49s Lunchtime

Next Draw: 13:49 SAST

Balls Drawn/Total Balls 49/7
Number Of Weekly Draws: 14
Best Odds for 3 Balls: 751/1

Nifty Fifty

Next Draw: 15:30 SAST

Balls Drawn/Total Balls 7/50
Number Of Weekly Draws: 35
Best Odds for 3 Balls: 460/1

49s Teatime

Next Draw: 18:49 SAST

Balls Drawn/Total Balls 49/7
Number Of Weekly Draws: 14
Best Odds for 3 Balls: 751/1

SA Daily

Next Draw: 21:00 SAST

Balls Drawn/Total Balls 5/36
Number Of Weekly Draws: 7
Best Odds for 3 Balls: 551/1