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We've Launched Our 49’s Odds Calculator in South Africa

OLIVER L. Author

Last Updated: 17th June 2020

After working in the gambling industry for over a decade, Oliver spotted an opportunity to setup a resource for lottery bettors. CompareTheLotto.com was founded in 2014, with Number49s.co.za following shortly after. The aim is to find the best odds, offers and information for lottery bettors in South Africa.

Note: *The following article is purely for fun. It is based on individual opinions and does not constitute advice. The drawing of lottery numbers is entirely random. Please always gamble responsibly. #Ad. Find out more on our How Our Site Works page.

If you love great value and getting the best odds, we’ve got some very exciting news for you...

We’re delighted to announce the launch of our 49’s odds calculator – a brand new tool which instantly calculates the best 49’s odds from 15 South African bookmakers, ensuring that you get the best bet possible!

Our mighty tool instantly compares 49’s odds and displays what each South African bookmaker is offering you. And you might be surprised by how much more you could be winning...

How to Use the 49’s Odds Calculator

The 49’s calculator is extremely easy to use.

To compare 49’s odds, all you need to do is go to the tool and select how many balls you want to bet on, plus your total stake. Then click compare and the calculator will go to work!

In an instant, you’ll see how much you could win with your bet at each different bookmaker. You can even select whether you want to bet with the bonus ball or without the bonus ball.

Best 49's Odds ZA

Once your odds have been calculated, you can easily place your 49’s bet by clicking on the bookmaker you like and placing a bet directly on their site. Easy peasy.

What’s more, we also display the latest welcome offers available on each site, so you can see what other treats you could claim when you join them.

49's Odds

If you think that it doesn’t matter where you place your 49’s bet, you couldn’t be more wrong.

Indeed, did you know that (at the time of writing) the exact same R10 49’s bet with 3 balls could land you a massive R4750 at Gbets, but just R4000 at Hollywood Bets*? That’s a difference of R750 in winnings, despite placing identical R10 bets! Do you really want to miss out on extra winnings? We certainly wouldn’t want to.

If you want to maximise your winnings, use our 49’s calculator to find the best 49’s odds!

Use the 49’s Odds Calculator Now!

Find the best bookmaker to bet on 49's in South Africa

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Upcoming Draws:


SA Daily

Next Draw: 21:00 SAST

Balls Drawn/Total Balls 5/36
Number Of Weekly Draws: 7
Best Odds for 3 Balls: 551/1
Starting: Tomorrow 13:49

49s Lunchtime

Next Draw: 13:49 SAST

Balls Drawn/Total Balls 49/7
Number Of Weekly Draws: 14
Best Odds for 3 Balls: 751/1
Starting: Tomorrow 15:30

Nifty Fifty

Next Draw: 15:30 SAST

Balls Drawn/Total Balls 7/50
Number Of Weekly Draws: 35
Best Odds for 3 Balls: 460/1
Starting: Tomorrow 18:49

49s Teatime

Next Draw: 18:49 SAST

Balls Drawn/Total Balls 49/7
Number Of Weekly Draws: 14
Best Odds for 3 Balls: 751/1