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Bet49's Hot and Cold Balls Review & Preview

OLIVER L. Author

Last Updated: 13th Aug 2020

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Another week of UK 49's has come to a close - and what a sensational seven-day lucky number bonanza it has been.

We're going to take you through the latest and greatest happenings from all things 49's - including the latest 49's results, the hottest and coldest numbers, and ask if they're useful in predicting the lunchtime and teatime draw outcomes.

What Are Hot and Cold Numbers?

We all have our superstitions. Whether it's the numbers from your license plate, the digits from your birth date, or any other significant life event - a winning bet from the numbers that matter more make it all the sweeter.

There are those, though, who like to think they are more statistically minded. Monitoring hot and cold numbers is one such technique used by some to help them pick their UK 49’s number combinations.

This is what we mean by hot and cold numbers:

  • Hot: Numbers that continue to crop up over the last month.
  • Cold: Numbers that appear few and far between over the last month.

But is there any credence to hot and cold number predictions? The statistical reality is that each draw is independent and has no link to the previous.

So why pick them then? Well, it depends on the character! Sports betting fans, for example, may like the idea of sticking with the in-form numbers - much like they would a team that is playing well.

Then you have those that vouch for the underdog - the numbers that will have their day in the spotlight eventually!

Ultimately, there are no rules to picking your lucky numbers. There is no right or wrong way. That is the beauty of the 49’s - it’s as unpredictable as it gets and the choice is yours!

How Do The Latest 49's Results Stack Up?

Let's take a look below:

49's Hot Numbers (Last 30 Days)

It's tight at the top - but there is an overall winner. Number 44 has appeared 13 times - followed closely by 29 and 37, each of which has appeared 12 times. Interestingly, number 44 only appeared four times throughout June - so it's been quite the turnaround.

Fancy all three of these numbers to crop up in the next draw? Get your bets on at!

49's Cold Numbers (Last 30 Days)

The number four is not so cold, more frozen stiff - it has appeared a grand total of 0 times within the last 30 days. Closely behind are the numbers 41 and 43, which have cropped up two and three times respectively.

Fancy all of them to stage a 44-style comeback? You could include them in your next betslip. You can find more fantastic 49's odds here too!

Please note, these Hot Numbers and Cold Numbers do not account for the booster ball.

However you choose to place your bets and whatever method you use, we wish you the best of luck and please bet responsibly!

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