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49's Presenters — The Latest 2023 Update

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Last Updated: 17th Oct 2023

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The 49's game would never be what it is without our passionate team of presenters, right? On a daily basis they form an integral part of the 49's bettors lives. Of course, sharing the 49's draw results doesn't keep them busy the whole day, every day.

What happens in between? What do they get up to? Have you managed to keep up to date with the latest news they usually share on social media?

Don't worry - We've got you covered. Below you'll find a quick summary of all that's been happening online and in person, as well as their social media info. So, why not follow or tag them after learning of some of the milestones in their lives.

Happy Mommy Helen

The 49's family is growing and growing. A year ago we reported on Gina becoming a mom and this year it's Helen's turn. Her son will soon have a sibling and then they will be family of four. Helen diligently kept working hard until the end of August before taking off some well-deserved maternity leave.

And can we just say that this expectant mom certainly had a glow about her. We wish her and her family all the best.

Don't worry, she's not gone for good. Helen plans to join the team again in the Spring.

Multi-talented Harriet

If you happen to recognise Harriet's voice and lovely face on a new cycling podcast, don't be surprised. She has definitely not left the 49's team, but she's simply using some of her other impressive talents in the entertainment industry.

The podcast is ‘On Yer Bike', focusing on pro road racing and there is relevant information for both men and women. Love cycling? Or perhaps you want to take on a new hobby? Harriet's passion on the topic is enough to keep you inspired to get into shape and try cycling out for yourself.

Seeing her in action can also help you discover another aspect of Harriet's lifestyle. Why not tune in while you choose your next batch of 49's lucky numbers?

Harriet Picking Your Brain

Harriet also took some time out to chat to bettors about their 49's strategies. She asked the all-important question of what people use as inspiration to identify the best numbers to pick.


Do you prefer random numbers?

It's worth it for all bettors to ask this question from time to time. Perhaps it would be fun to try a new strategy?

Kirstie vs Numble

If you sometimes battle to figure out the Numble solution…you're not alone.

Even our presenters get stumped at times, as was clear when this footage of Kirstie was shared recently.

The important thing? She kept trying, so you shouldn't give up either. You could get it right the next time, or see if you can find a more effective strategy than Kirstie's?

Sophie on Safety... and Films

You can be sure to get a variety of important information from your favourite 49's presenters—everything from fun to safety. And Sophie is definitely helpful in this regard. So, if you need advice, you know who to follow.

Sophie's Top Film Suggestions

The 49's presenters guide us in betting and winning big, but they're also excellent sources of information for other hobbies. Sophie had to think hard when she and Tony talked about their favourite movies. You know, the ones that are worth watching over and over again.

Sophie's suggestions included:

  • Gladiator
  • A Few Good Men
  • Grease
  • Dirty Dancing
  • Interstellar
  • Goonies
  • Harry Potter

During the conversation she did admit that she's never seen the 1980s classic film ‘Stand by Me'.

What would you add to the list, so Sophie has suggestions of what to watch next?

Sophie on Safer Gambling

We all enjoy betting on the 49's, but it's only enjoyable if it's not having a negative impact on your finances or any other aspect of your life.

Sophie gave us a concise, powerful summary of what to keep in mind before you place your next bet. She rightly pointed out the following:

  1. Always think before you bet
  2. Betting on 49's or other types of gambling should not be your plan to make money if you're currently in need of some cash
  3. Investing in gambling should never be a strategy to fix a part of your life you're not happy with
  4. Gambling should never be a strategy to avoid other problems in your life
  5. There may be fewer winners than you perceive there to be, resulting in an inaccurate expectation of how often you yourself will win big
  6. Irresponsible gambling could intensify other problems you're dealing with

By giving us this advice and asking you to simply think before you bet, Sophie is helping 49's bettors enjoy the game more, thanks to having peace of mind.

FAQs with Gina

If you've been keeping an eye on what Gina is up to, you would have noticed she's asking a lot of questions. She keeps bettors on their toes, so they can stay creative when picking their numbers for the next 49's game. Did you correctly pick her favourite colour or get the answer to this fun math question?

What are questions you would like to ask the presenters if you get the chance?

Thank you 49's presenters. You remind customers to place their bets. And with helpful advice and fun facts, you keep many people entertained while they wait for the results.

Whether you're betting on the 12:49 pm or 16:49 pm game, one of these great hosts will be there to guide you through the draw. For more news on 49's draws (or their personal lives), use the 49's socials, or follow the presenters' personal pages.

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