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6 Reasons Why People LOVE to Bet On 49's Online

OLIVER L. Author

Last Updated: 16th May 2018

After working in the gambling industry for over a decade, Oliver spotted an opportunity to setup a resource for lottery bettors. was founded in 2014, with following shortly after. The aim is to find the best odds, offers and information for lottery bettors in South Africa.

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The 49's lottery is hugely popular across South Africa, with many players opting to play this daily lottery online thanks in large to its great odds – which make it one of the best value lotteries in the world.

In the following article, we'll look at the top six reasons WHY people love betting on 49's online.

1) 49's Odds Are Great

One of the best things about betting on 49's online is that you are in complete control of how you want to bet. For example, with the likes of Betway, Hollywood and Supabets, you can choose how many numbers you want to bet on. So, if you just fancy number 7 to be drawn, you can bet on just that with odds of either 6/1 or 13/2 (depending on your bookmaker).

Of course, many people try and match five numbers, which will land you odds of up to 150,000/1!

Don't worry though, if maths isn't your strong point, you can easily figure out the 49's odds using our handy online 49's calculator.

2) You Can Win R100,000 from R1!

As we just mentioned, with both Betway and, you can get massive odds of 100,000/1 for matching five numbers on 49's. (betting without bonus ball)

That means if you bet just R1 and match five numbers, you'll land an almighty R100,000. Not bad, eh?

It is always worth checking maximum bet payouts with the operators.

3) Daily 49's Draws

Many people also love the 49's because draws take place every day – so there's no waiting around for the next weekly jackpot like traditional ticket based national lotteries.

And, as it's so flexible for different budgets, some people chose to spread their weekly spend on 49's online each day in the pursuit of a win.

Remember please always bet responsibly, use deposit limits and only spend what you can afford.

The 49's draw is also really simple, with – you guessed it – 49 balls in the draw, with 6 main numbers pulled out each time, along with a "Booster" ball (effectively a bonus ball).

You can choose to bet with or without the booster ball - the odds/winnings are lower if you bet with it, as you have another number to match against making it easier.

4) 49's Lunchtime Results

Not only do draws take place daily, but there's actually two draws per day – including a lunchtime 49's which players can bet on.

That means you can have a cheeky bet on the 49's at lunchtime and if you win you'll be grinning like a Cheshire Cat all afternoon!

The lunchtime 49's draw takes place at 12:49, while the "tea time" draw is at 17:49 (13:49 and 18:49 SAST) – so there's plenty of action to get stuck into.

5) Different Ways to Play with 49's Online Betting

The flexibility of betting on 49's really is great. With the likes of Betway, Hollywood, Supabets,, Betfred and many more, there are loads of different ways to bet on 49's – and we can help you find the best 49's odds online with our 49's odds comparison.

6) 49's Offers

There are 15+ bookmakers that currently offer betting on UK 49's from South Africa - almost all of these have offers for new customers. See our Free Bets page for the latest and greatest offers available.

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49s Lunchtime

Next Draw: 13:49 SAST

Balls Drawn/Total Balls 49/7
Number Of Weekly Draws: 14
Best Odds for 3 Balls: 751/1

Nifty Fifty

Next Draw: 15:30 SAST

Balls Drawn/Total Balls 7/50
Number Of Weekly Draws: 35
Best Odds for 3 Balls: 460/1

49s Teatime

Next Draw: 18:49 SAST

Balls Drawn/Total Balls 49/7
Number Of Weekly Draws: 14
Best Odds for 3 Balls: 751/1

SA Daily

Next Draw: 21:00 SAST

Balls Drawn/Total Balls 5/36
Number Of Weekly Draws: 7
Best Odds for 3 Balls: 551/1