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Why is Betting on The 49's so Popular in South Africa?

OLIVER L. Author

Last Updated: 9th Sept 2020

After working in the gambling industry for over a decade, Oliver spotted an opportunity to setup a resource for lottery bettors. CompareTheLotto.com was founded in 2014, with Number49s.co.za following shortly after. The aim is to find the best odds, offers and information for lottery bettors in South Africa.

Note: *The following article is purely for fun. It is based on individual opinions and does not constitute advice. The drawing of lottery numbers is entirely random. Please always gamble responsibly. #Ad. Find out more on our How Our Site Works page.

The 49's has been Numbers Game royalty in the United Kingdom since the turn of the millennium! Many thousands of players bet each day for a shot at some of the sought after returns. Most bet individually, and others may bet in syndicates - all with the same goal of ticking off a betting slip of numbers and landing a juicy payout!

Its popularity has spread across the globe - particularly in South Africa, where the 49's has never been more popular. But why?

Why The Popularity Of 49’s?

There are 17 bookmakers in South Africa that offers the 49's lotto to its players, compared to just seven in the United Kingdom - reflecting its demand and indicating how many more places there are to bet on the 49's. This means great choice to the customer and the ability to compare odds/payouts.

Is Cost A Factor?

Then there is the cost! Betting on the 49's has more flexible options than a traditional set lottery ticket price - as there are typically low minimum bet amounts. The 49’s offers up several betting options - most of which have very generous returns. From betting on your favourite numbers to roll out, to Special Bets - that includes odds on whether all six balls will be odd or even, the colour of the first ball drawn, and the total sum of the first six numbers drawn - there is a whole host of markets on which you can place a bet.

Lotto betting appears to continue to grow in popularity in South Africa, and the ability to place low-cost bets is a great form of light entertainment. With the 49’s it isn’t considered taking part in a lottery - but betting on a numbers betting game.

(Remember to please only ever bet what you can afford to lose).

Any Other Reasons

One other element could be the number of times a day the draw takes place. The 49's roll out twice a day - the lunchtime draw is at 13:49 South African time in summer and 14:49 in winter.

The teatime draw is at 18:49 South African time (except for a period in February and March when it is at 19:49)

The reason for the slightly strange changing times is due to:

  1. The UK clocks changing from March to October
  2. The 49’s teatime draw time actually moves an hour later in the UK from the 3rd Monday in February because UK afternoon racing typically ends later after that week. It then moves back again in October

In contrast to the twice daily draw time of the 49’s Numbers Game, the South African National Lottery only takes place twice a week. If you're looking for the latest 49's results, we've got you covered.

Finally - due to the large number of bookmakers offering 49's as a betting opportunity, there is a great range of welcome bonuses up for grabs for eligible customers. Bookmakers compete fiercely in the acquisition of customers, which creates a favorable environment for new players. For example...

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