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Upcoming Draws:


SA Daily

Next Draw: 21:00 SAST

Balls Drawn/Total Balls 5/36
Number Of Weekly Draws: 7
Best Odds for 3 Balls: 551/1
Starting: Tomorrow 13:49

49s Lunchtime

Next Draw: 13:49 SAST

Balls Drawn/Total Balls 49/7
Number Of Weekly Draws: 14
Best Odds for 3 Balls: 751/1
Starting: Tomorrow 15:30

Nifty Fifty

Next Draw: 15:30 SAST

Balls Drawn/Total Balls 7/50
Number Of Weekly Draws: 35
Best Odds for 3 Balls: 460/1
Starting: Tomorrow 18:49

49s Teatime

Next Draw: 18:49 SAST

Balls Drawn/Total Balls 49/7
Number Of Weekly Draws: 14
Best Odds for 3 Balls: 751/1