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Bet49's Hot and Cold Balls Review & Preview - Oct 2020

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How are your favourite numbers faring in the match-up of hot and cold numbers in the Bet 49's? Are your superstitious digits flaming hot? Or are they shivering to the bone?

Checking the run-good of your regular numbers may be mathematically useless - but since when was picking out the lotto grid anything other than a hunch?

Here's a look at the latest hot and cold balls from the 49's?

Hot Balls Over The Last Four Weeks

  • 28 - Drawn 15 times
  • 20 - Drawn 12 times
  • 38 - Drawn 12 Times

Fun fact: Despite reigning in the most recent draws, the above three numbers rank pretty low down on the all-time leaderboard. The number 28 is the most commonly drawn from those three numbers - coming in at joint 23rd, having been drawn a total of 2,333 times.

Cold Balls Over The Last Four Weeks

  • 42 - Drawn three times
  • 49 - Drawn four times
  • 2 - Drawn four times

The numbers 49 and 2 may have only come out one more time than 42 over the last month - but over the year, there is a clear winner. Since 21st October, 2019, the number 49 has been drawn a total of 83 times. The numbers 2 and 42, meanwhile, are level at 78 times apiece.

Is There Any Benefit To Knowing The Hot And Cold Numbers?

As we alluded to at the start of this article - choosing numbers based on hot or cold numbers may itch a superstitious scratch. However, there are no tangible benefits in selecting your numbers based on how often they appear.

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