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Lottery History – How Did We Get To Being Able To Bet On 49's Lotto Direct From Your Mobile?

Lottery is ingrained into many people's weekly – if not daily – lives these days. And although many people in the UK attribute the launch of the National Lottery in 1994 as their first regular lottery experience, the origins of lottery go back waaaay further than that. So how did we get here... betting on the 49's at Betfred, Bet365 and others using our mobile?

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How Do You Pick Yours? See How Other Players Pick Their 49's and National Lottery Numbers

Everybody has a different technique when it comes to picking lottery numbers, so we thought it would be interesting to find out how you pick your 49's numbers.

So, we recently asked some of our subscribers to tell us how they like to pick their numbers. Interestingly, the answers tend to fall into four main categories: birthday, feeling, consistency and random. Below, we've put together some of the most interesting answers...

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What Are the BEST Ways to Pick Lottery Numbers?

When it comes to ways of picking lottery numbers on traditional draws or the 49's lotto draw, everybody's got their own strategy. Some use "special numbers" such as birthdays, anniversaries or house numbers, while others go more for a gut feeling to sort out their numbers, and then there's those who have just been playing the same numbers for years on end and would be tormented to see those numbers then appear having not picked them...

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6 Reasons Why People LOVE to Play 49's Online

The 49's lottery is hugely popular across the UK, Ireland and beyond, with many players opting to play this daily lottery online thanks in large to its great odds – which make it one of the best value lotteries in the world...

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Thinking about having a 49's Lotto bet with William Hill? Read this First

A true Goliath in the betting industry, however William Hill have never quite lived up to their lofty reputation when it comes to Lotto Betting...

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Welcome To Bet49s.co.uk

Welcome to Bet49s.co.uk! We've launched this website to be an online resource dedicated to the UK 49s Lotto. "How are you going to help me?" we hear you cry, well, read on...

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