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How Does UK 49's Lotto Work?

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Bet Twice A Day

Everyday there are two UK 49’s Lotto draws: Lunchtime (12:50pm) and Teatime (5:50pm)

Win up to R100,000 from R1 Stake

Up to R100,000 for 5 balls, R10,000 for 4 balls. See full 49's Lotto odds payout

Latest UK 49's Results

Below is the very latest UK49s results, our results page updates instantly after the lunchtime (12:50pm GMT) and teatime (5:50pm GMT) draws.

Why is it so important to get the latest 49's results? Well, firstly you want to know if you might have won up to R100,000 from a R1 Bet! Secondly, some customers have complained that the offical website can actually be a little slow to update. However for confirmation, we recommend you always check the results with the official provider.*

Lunchtime (13 August 2022)*


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Teatime (13 August 2022)*


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* Results Disclaimer
Please be aware that results displayed are for info purposes only and whilst we always try to ensure they are accurate and up to date, we recommend always checking with the official lotto provider. We are not liable for any inaccuracies displayed.

49s Lotto Offers

UK 49's Lotto is offered by seventeen South African bookmakers! Most of these bookmakers have their own welcome offers. Below, we’ve compiled their best welcome offers - all available for 49’s bets.

Win up to 700 X Your Stake

Win up to 700 X times your stake for 3 correct numbers - we think that beats buying a Lotto ticket! See the complete prize structure here.